Supply and Installation of Off-Grid Solar Inverters / UPS

We supply and install off-grid solar inverters / UPS for banks, school, residence, petrol bunks, hospitals and other institutions. We supply four major parts along with the minor parts which form off-grid solar inverters namely; home / business AC power loads, utility supply, battery bank and solar array. Our usual installation procedure is as follows –

  • Our expert engineers calculate the loads that a client needs to draw from the inverter like AC outlets, washing machines, lights, electrical kitchen gadgets, electronic goods etc.
  • Now they attach a sub-panel to the main panel.
  • Then the desired circuits are connected to the sub-panel from main panel.
  • In order to deliver AC to the inverter’s AC input, a proper circuit breaker is installed in the main AC panel.
  • In the last step, inverter’s AC output is connected to the sub-panel output through wires.

Supply and Installation of Highmast Lighting System and Road Lighting

We, Rayglow Technologies Private Limited, supply world-class high mast lighting systems and road lightings. Our team installs and maintains various types of these products. The service offers road junction lighting, dock lighting, airport lighting, sports lighting and other types. Our team works in an organized way.

Our team visits the site where the lighting system has to be installed. The engineers inspect the designs done for the high mast lighting system, lighting and structural design. In addition, they calculate the energy payback. Once the inspection is done, our team chooses the proper type of mast among the three types namely; fixed, hinged or lowering head frame. Then we assist our clients to choose a proper energy efficient lighting and control systems. After the selection is done, our team starts installing the high mast lighting system in a professional manner. In order to make the system perform a long-lasting performance, we maintain it periodically. We offer various maintenance services too.

Supply and Installation of DC Solar Home Lighting System

Our DC solar home lighting system includes solar PV module (solar cells), solar battery, charge controller, and lighting system. Our team installs the solar cells in the terrace, while the battery and charge controller are placed inside the house. The salient features of our DC solar home lighting system are –

  • Operating capacity up to 3-4 hours
  • Low battery cut
  • Automatic protection against the reverse polarity connection
  • LED indication system
  • Multi-level overload protection

Supply of Energy-efficient Control Panels

We supply energy-efficient control panels which are designed and manufactured in accordance with the international standards. These control panels reduce the usage of energy, and hence you will save considerable amount of money. They increase the degree of precision and automation, resulting in the better use of energy; that means only the required amount of energy is used to execute a function. In addition, we customize the energy-efficient control panels and alter the already installed out-dated systems.

Supply and Installation of LED Lights

Our LED lights are of high quality, versatile and elegant. They enhance the surrounding ambience with its bright but soothing light. Our expert team is well-versed in installing LED lights in accordance with various places. Our LED lights can be used for industrial, residential and commercial purposes. Our team possesses vast knowledge regarding Lumen, CCT, and CRI.  After a thorough calculation, the team determines the size of the strip, the number of LEDs on the strip, and the power consumption of each LED strip. In addition, the team considers other factors too. As a result, our clients will save considerable amount of money.

Supply and Installation of Solar Pumping System

We supply solar pumping systems which are reliable, durable and efficient. They can be customized as per a client’s requirements. They are designed to serve multi-sectors such as agricultural, industrial, domestic etc. They can be used in parks, tourist spots, resorts and hotels, hospitals, hostels, fountains, irrigation systems, stadiums, homes, apartments etc. The salient features of solar pumping systems we supply are –

• Solar pump controller equipped with maximum power point tracking technology
• Maximum discharge time
• Less maintenance
• Single-phase and three-phase models
• Customized solar cells
• Power ranging from 1HP-30HP and more as per requirement

Supply and Installation of Solar Street Lighting System

We, Rayglow Technologies Private Limited, supply solar street lights of international standards. Clients can go for the PV panels which are either mounted on lighting structure or integrated in the pole as per their needs.The solar street lighting system we supply contains a solar panel, basis cage, battery and battery box, controller, access panel, lamp pole and other accessories. Our team is specialized in installing solar street lighting system within a short period of time. The procedure is as follows –

  • First, our team prepares a strong foundation for solar street light in accordance with the basic criteria.
  • Next, the battery and battery box are placed securely.
  • The street lamp is set up. Our team checks the installation and connections again to confirm that everything is in the right place.
  • Now the lamp pole is erected and fixed securely to the ground.
  • In a final step, the controller is placed inside the lamp pole, and the solar street light is tested.

Supply and Installation of Sports Lighting

The sports lightings we supply and install are done with aid of LED technologies. It incorporates lighting, structural, and electrical components allowing impeccable operation. Our team have years of experience in installing sports lighting in various sports venues. Our sports lighting system, both in indoor and outdoor, not only provides ample light but adds richness to the excitement of sports fans. In addition, we install security lights which light up the pathways for the spectators. Our sports lighting service is cost effective, reliable and durable.