Supply and Installation of Off-Grid Solar Inverters / UPS

We supply and install off-grid solar inverters / UPS for banks, school, residence, petrol bunks, hospitals and other institutions. We supply four major parts along with the minor parts which form off-grid solar inverters namely; home / business AC power loads, utility supply, battery bank and solar array. Our usual installation procedure is as follows –

  • Our expert engineers calculate the loads that a client needs to draw from the inverter like AC outlets, washing machines, lights, electrical kitchen gadgets, electronic goods etc.
  • Now they attach a sub-panel to the main panel.
  • Then the desired circuits are connected to the sub-panel from main panel.
  • In order to deliver AC to the inverter’s AC input, a proper circuit breaker is installed in the main AC panel.
  • In the last step, inverter’s AC output is connected to the sub-panel output through wires.