Supply and Installation of Highmast Lighting System and Road Lighting

We, Rayglow Technologies Private Limited, supply world-class high mast lighting systems and road lightings. Our team installs and maintains various types of these products. The service offers road junction lighting, dock lighting, airport lighting, sports lighting and other types. Our team works in an organized way.

Our team visits the site where the lighting system has to be installed. The engineers inspect the designs done for the high mast lighting system, lighting and structural design. In addition, they calculate the energy payback. Once the inspection is done, our team chooses the proper type of mast among the three types namely; fixed, hinged or lowering head frame. Then we assist our clients to choose a proper energy efficient lighting and control systems. After the selection is done, our team starts installing the high mast lighting system in a professional manner. In order to make the system perform a long-lasting performance, we maintain it periodically. We offer various maintenance services too.