Solar Water Heaters

Rayglow Technologies Private Limited offers vast range of solar water heaters which can be used in various establishments like homes, hotels, and institutions. Our products are manufactured with latest technology making them durable, efficient, safe, affordable and eco-friendly. They have compact size, low height and light weight, and come with various capacity options. They operate efficiently even in winter and partly cloudy days.

Solar Street Lighting Systems

Our solar street lighting system includes a pole, battery bank, PV module, and LED luminaires. Our products are not only eco-friendly but also blend perfectly with the surrounding landscapes. They can be customized according to the clients requirements. They can be used to brighten streets, highways, boulevards, commercial or residential compounds, parks, yards, parking facilities, airports and seaports, and security installations. Our products are easy to install and maintain, and the materials used in manufacturing are non-corrosive, waterproof, durable, and reliable.

Solar Inverter System for Residential and Commercial

We offer wide range of products which are designed according to international standards by utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our solar inverter systems can operate on both solar and grid power, and can also be used as a normal inverter. They are durable and designed for continuous use. Our products come with LED / LCD digital display, auto shutdown option, thermal management system and other salient features. They can be used with centralized as well as decentralized system.

LED Lights

Our vast range of LED lights products are innovative, appealing, affordable and eco-friendly. We have LED spotlight and cob, LED surface fittings, home decor lights, LED downlights, LED battens, LED lamps and panels. Our products provide warm and energetic light, creating a cosy environment in every corner of your home.

Street Light Poles

We offer varieties of products ranging from 3m – 12m which come with different arm bracket options. Our products provide ample lighting and beautify the locales; hence fulfil the requirements of the urban planners as well as the public. Rayglow Technologies Private Limited carefully considers the parameters like mounting height, drag coefficient, spacing, pole geometry and outreach while designing a street light pole.Our products have different types such as poles vis-à-vis swaged poles / tubular poles, octagonal / conical poles and decorative poles.

High-mast Lighting System

Our exceptional knowledge and experience in Design, Development, and on-site erection has resulted in producing global level high-mast lighting systems. We strongly adhere to the international standards to maintain the quality. Our designs are customized, suiting different locations like airports, railway yards, stadiums, sea ports, etc.